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Need design work?

We’ve got you covered.


Small changes can make a big difference.

Seemingly simple changes to your user experience — like store design layout improvements or clearer button design — can drastically improve conversion rates.
If you need a few design refreshers, this option is for you.
Support Team
Your design and development project begins with a call from our Small Changes Manager, who oversees your project from start to finish and provides step-by-step support throughout the project.
Your Small Changes Manager will help you as you work together to identify the elements of your site that can be improved simply and quickly to make a lasting impact.


Why use a generic theme when you can have your own?

We'll help you create a unique Shopify storefront that reflects your brand.
This project begins by selecting a theme, then customizing each piece: resizing banners, making template layout changes, adding social feeds, installing apps, adding custom functionality, designing concepts for the most important pages and more.
Support Team
This package comes with a dedicated project manager who oversees a graphic design team as they customize your storefront from start to finish.
This package also includes 10 days of support after the completion of the project.


Bring your ultimate vision to life with a completely unique user interface.

This process begins with site architecture and wireframes, which give a 3,000-foot view of the future of your site and our proposed strategy.
We then flesh out wireframes into design concepts for each unique page, building in custom functionality to achieve the best user experience.
Support Team
A project manager and account manager work hand-in-hand to intimately understand your business needs and deliver the best solution for your needs.
This package also includes 10 days of support after the completion of the project.

Need to optimize?

You’re in the right place.

On-Site SEO

We'll review your website and optimize it for SEO, ensuring your site is built to drive quality search traffic.

Off-Site SEO

We'll promote your site across the internet to build brand awareness and improve your search traffic.


We’ll create and implement your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy, and optimize as we learn from campaign performance.

Social Media

We'll strategize and manage a social media campaign across your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social accounts.

Email Marketing

We’ll strategize and execute an email marketing campaign to help you generate leads, acquire new customers and retain current customers.

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